New Clip From ‘The Flash’ Showcases Jay Garrick And Earth 3 Trickster – Jay Garrick Will Be More Present In 2nd Half Of Season 3

For the mid-season finale of The Flash it looks like we’ll be seeing a bit of Earth 3. A new clip showcases Jay Garrick facing off against the Trickster, only this Earth 3 version looks like he’s got a bit darker of a demeanor and perhaps even behaves more in line with the Joker.

The clip also shows Barry coming to help Jay and also asking about Savitar. Before we see Jay’s reaction the clip ends so we’ll just have to tune in tonight to find out more.

John Wesley Shipp also recently had an interview with Comic Book Resources, where he shared that he will be a bigger part of the second half of the season than he has been thus far:

“Well, those hints keep being dropped. I mean, it’s very interesting to me, and I’m going to figure in more prominently in the second half of the season than the first. You just asked one of my questions, because nothing is wasted, I think we’ve seen in this show. So anytime something like that is dropped — and there’s more of it tomorrow night! — there are more… As I said, I’m most involved in this episode than any episode I’ve done on this show so far. So we get to see Jay dealing with this young speedster, we get to see his reaction to Savitar, and there really are some curious things that Jay says that make me, John, wonder, ‘Okay, what’s coming?’”

It seems that no matter how Shipp appears in the show, whether its as Henry Allen or Jay Garrick, he is a mentor to Barry. Seeing that he’s more involved in tonight’s episode than any previous episode, fans should be excited to see the Flashes of two worlds side by side again. It seems pretty likely that Jay will have some insight on Savitar, but to what extent (if at all) remains to be seen. Stay tuned for a review of tonight’s episode!

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Source: Heroic Hollywood