‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ To Focus On Mythology

With a trailer due anytime today, Transformers news is almost at a peak in order to start the marketing campaign in the months leading up to the movie. The franchise has been on par so far with the expectations that audiences had in mind when watching. The first three movies had a specific storyline revolving around Shia Lebeouf and the fourth movie flipped the script with new characters from both the robots and humans along with a completely new storyline. In a world where Transformers are hunted down and questions of their creation come into question, mythology was going to have to come up as a storyline at some point.

The recent development stems from the new writer’s group that was assembled after subpar reviews of Age of Extinction. In order to avoid canceling the franchise altogether or to have another reboot down the line, changes had to be made. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonventura went into detail about these changes and why they were pivotal to the franchise’s survival:

“Hasbro put together sort of a bible of all the mythologies that have been put forward, and they put it into one thing, and some of the comic book doesn’t fit exactly with the TV shows and the movies. So there were a few rough edges we had to round off. But now with a fifth movie coming, there’s a lot of mythology that we’ve established as well. So, what we did was really built all three of the things into one very large document – one very large world.”

This move will like excite fans considering using the source material adapted to modern times has never really been an issue when it comes to the film industry. Instead of relying on subjective opinions from directors, the source material allows the directors to implement their own touch onto an already existing storyline. Will the movie pan out better than its predecessors or will it come under harsh criticism like the others? Fans will have to wait and see.


Source: Screen Rant

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