‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Might Start Filming Next Spring

When it was announced the legendary Star Wars franchise will be continuing and there would be a plan to put a movie in theaters annually, the world was on the edge of their seat. Older fans looking for a dose of nostalgia came running to the theaters while the younger generations ran right behind them to find out what all the hype was about.

When The Force Awakens was released last year, it was met with good reviews as well as many questions left unanswered. Fans were hoping to get some answers this year in the next installment but it was revealed that Rogue One, the first spin-off of the franchise, will be taking its place.

While the movie, set to release in 10 days, will mostly revolve around the plans stolen that led to the destruction of the Death Star and the beginning of the end for the Empire, it will still be a treat for fans looking for more.

Adding a different aspect to the movie that doesn’t revolve around the legendary names such as the Skywalkers might prove to do more good than harm. Episode 8 is due in theaters in 2017 and will most likely clear up any questions the audience.

In a surprise move, it was reported that Episode 9 will start filming in April 2017. For those of you tracking the filming dates of each installment, that’s earlier than the norm. Episode 8 filming lasted from February of this year and wrapped up recently last month.

Episode 9 is rumored to have a 2019 release date so filming in 2017 sounds a little strange. Some fans believe that filming early allows the director and production staff to have adequate time for reshoots if needed and gives more breathing room to implant multiple versions of scenes until the right one gets chosen in the movie.

It was revealed that filming would take place at Pinewood Studios located in the United Kingdom where the recent movies have also filmed. Fans also predict the early filming allows the movie to be released in 2019, most likely in its conclusion.

Before the franchise was rebooted, the movies were released in May. Ever since Disney made its purchase of Marvel for 4 billion dollars in 2009, it has given Marvel preference to release their new installment in the first week of May. To release two movies from the same parent company would risk considerable profit loss which makes the need for a December release necessary.

This also allows the spin off Han Solo movie to release in 2018 to continue the pattern of saga-spinoff movies the franchise has implemented.

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Source: Screen Rant

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