Diego Luna Discusses Meeting Darth Vader On Set

Diego Luna has seen his fair share of stars while starring in his numerous genre of movies. He’s worked with some of the most legendary actors in Mexico when he stars in dramas and several American stars during his supporting roles. According to him, nothing could compare to when he met the evil dictator of the Imperial Empire, Darth Vader. Luna has stated on two different occasions where he was star-struck and realized the weight of his upcoming role in the spin off Rogue One. Luna has stated that he’s a die-hard Star Wars fan and meeting the iconic character was just too much for him:

“I arrived to London, and the producer goes like, ‘Oh, Gareth [Edwards, the director], go meet him. He’s doing a camera test. I arrive, and he’s like, ‘We’re going to have so much fun.’ And he’s in front of a monitor, and I start listening [and hear Darth Vader breathing].”

“And I just went like, ‘Oh no, oh no,” and I could see Gareth face – he had the same expression, you know? We suddenly went to 6-year-old kids, and we turn around and there he is, Darth.”

“He’s [Darth Vader] like there [breathing] and then asks, ‘Should I come in from the left or the right?’ Like, ‘Oh, it’s over!’”

While Luna’s role hasn’t been revealed in details yet, it’ll be fun to see how the two characters intertwine together if they ever get to meet up. Fans will have the answer to that question on December 16th when the movie drops. Are you excited for Star War’s first spin off? Sound off in the comments below or head over to our Instagram/Twitter!

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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