Armie Hammer Heavily Rumored To Be Joining The DCEU

The casting for Green Lantern has been a mystery up until a few days ago when Geoff Johns decided to follow actor, Armie Hammer. Immediately numerous sites began to speculate what this meant. This may seem like an over reaction but something similar happened with Deathstroke actor, Joe Manganiello. Then a few days later he was announced as Slade Wilson in the DCEU.

Now with the recent Johns’ latest Twitter follow people immediately began to speculate on what this could mean and if the DC Films had found their Green Lantern. I didn’t think too much of it until Armie Hammer himself took to Twitter and gave us the biggest tease of all teases.

He posted four Tweets saying, “I…… Will…… Be….. Playing….”

WHAT?! Come on Hammer! Don’t do this to us! But now you could say, “Collin come on he could be teasing any role.” Well yes you could be right but something else hints towards Armie being cast in the DCEU. Previously mentioned, actor Joe Manganiello responded to Armie Hammer’s Tweet!

“Congrats again!” Congrats?! On your new role on the DCEU?! Now this Tweet doesn’t strike me as a hint towards the role of Green Lantern. Instead this makes me thinking Armie may be playing The Dark Knight’s first sidekick Dick Grayson/Nightwing. As we all know Deathstroke is confirmed as The Batman films main villain. With this small interaction on Twitter the geek world has begun to think Hammer may be playing a role in the solo film and the overwhelming reply is Nightwing. I think Hammer is a fantastic actor and that he is perfect for both of these roles. He has the charm and charisma that both of these roles have to have to work!

Now I for one think Armie has pulled a major tease and that we will see an announcement fairly soon regarding the actor reveal of Green Lantern or Nightwing and I believe Armie Hammer is that actor.

Am I crazy?! Is Armie Hammer playing Green Lantern or Nightwing?! You guys be sure to let us know what you think on our Twitter and on Instagram @DCUNews!