The Drop #25: Black Canary In The DCEU? No X-Men In Marvel v Capcom 4, & More!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this past week! The gang is back to discuss a few things that were released around the holiday like the possibility of NO X-Men in Marvel vs Capcom 4, Katheryn Winnick of Vikings expressing interest in playing Black Canary in the DCEU, and a few other things! Hit the timestamps below to take a look at these week’s topics

(P.S. Josh’s mic was having a few issues in the first couple minutes)

Katheryn Winnick Interested In Playing Black Canary – 1:45
No X-Men (Potentially) In Marvel vs Capcom 4 – 8:15
An Obi-Wan Spin-Off Film Is NOT In The Works – 14:37
John Cleese Might Be Joining The DCEU – 20:56
Inhumans Show In The Works At ABC; First Two Episodes Premiere In IMAX – 25:37

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