‘Arrow’ Winter Finale Trailer Released; Producer Talks “Big Twist”

Now that the big Arrowverse crossover event has ended, the characters will return to their individual lives and shows; however, they won’t go without having been affected in some way. During Arrow‘s episode, which happened to be the show’s 100th one, Oliver got to say goodbye to many of the people he’s loved and lost over the years. It truly was one of the best and most emotional episodes we have seen to this day.

As we all saw, it was really hard for Oliver and his friends to make the choice to escape from that illusion, as they had all their loved ones around them again. But when they did, they committed to their real lives, and according to Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg, that will continue to affect Oliver.

“It forced Oliver to double down on his mission and commit to this life with all of its losses and failures and challenges,” Kreisberg revealed on Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room“He’ll need to be stronger because there are some big twists coming in the winter finale.”

Said big twist is probably the betrayal of Artemis/Evelyn Sharp, which we saw in the last episode before the crossover. She appears to have been working for Prometheus all along, which is very well shown in the winter finale trailer:

Have you been enjoying season five of Arrow? I for one am loving the tone, as it resembles the show’s roots and true strengths. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below or on Twitter / Instagram!

Jonathan Warncke

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