New ‘The Flash’ Image Features Kid Flash And Jesse Quick

The Flash‘s third season is officially off to the races; despite having a slow start, the last few episodes have picked up the slack and set the stage for an exciting rest of the season. While Jesse Quick appeared earlier in the season in full costume to help Flash fight Mirror Master and the Top, Kid Flash himself has not appeared within the current timeline. As the show stands right now, Wally has gained his speedster powers, but is being admonished by Joe and Iris not to suit up with Barry. But as we saw in the most recent episode, Invasion!, Wally and HR have begun a sort of secret training program, which may lead into Wally finally suiting up as Kid Flash. Now, a new image has been released from the set of The Flash in Vancouver, seemingly confirming this assumption. Check it out here:


The image features both Jesse and Wally suited up in full speedster attire, with Wally in a suit which has been slightly tweaked from the one featured earlier in the series. His neck is more defined, the mask is less puffy and more form-fitting, and the suit as a whole looks a lot sleeker.

Does this image mean Jesse will return to Earth 1 from Earth 2, or will Wally make a transdimensional leap himself? What do you think of the costumes? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Flash airs at 8/7c on the CW on Tuesdays.

Jack Weldon

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