‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has It’s First Three Cast Members

It has been announced who will be the first members of the Starship Discovery in CBS’ new Star Trek show. Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) will play Captain Georgiou and will sit on the captain’s chair in the Starship Shenzhou. But she will not be the shows main character. An actress that has yet to be announced will fill the role as the central character. Whoever this actress is she will be playing a lieutenant.

Anthony Rapp (Rent) will play Lt. Stamets. His character is a Starfleet science officer who is an expert at astromycology, meaning he knows a bunch about mushrooms. Doug Jones (Hellboy) will play Lt. Saru who is another Starfleet science officer. And in surprise, Doug Jones’ character will be a new alien species for the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: Discovery will take place a decade before the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew. The show goes on air May of next year on CBS. What does everyone think of the cast so far? Sound off in the comments below or on our Instragram and Twitter!