Latest ‘Gotham’ Promo Teases Jerome’s Return

For those of you who stuck around until after the midseason finale of Gotham’s third season, a trailer was shown with a message: Jerome will be returning. The prequel version of the Joker apparently did not meet his demise in season 2 and will return with a vengeance. The trailer highlighter some of Jerome’s footage from season 2 along with new footage of him standing in front of a slew of supporters, resembling a cult. Gotham will resume in January and Jerome will presumedly be back by around that time. Discussions to bring in a prequel Harley Quinn have also been rumored but with no substantial evidence on the show going down that route, it’s been disregarded in the midst of things. As mentioned before, Gotham will resume in January. You can watch the new promo video below and sound off the comments!



Source: WeGotThisCovered



Hamed Alazzamy

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