New Star Wars Character Card For Saw Gerrera Released

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is planned to feature a variety of new characters that fans are extremely excited about. These new characters include Jyn Erso, and Cassian Andor, but one of these new characters won’t be new to fans of the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This character is Saw Gerrera, who is played by Forrest Whitaker. In the series, Gerrera is a very popular character who led the onderdon rebels and helped lead the resistance to victory. This means that fans of the animated series now his story and who the character his. Fans who aren’t caught up on the animated show however, will still know his story thanks to the new character card released by the official Star Wars twitter.

This card provides some backstory on the character, gives two images of Whitaker, and even hints at his role in the movie.

You can view the character card here:

“A veteran of the Clone Wars and the rebellion against the Empire, Saw leads Rebel extremists on the ancient world of Jedha. He’s lost much in decades of combat, but occasional flashes of the caring man he once was shine through his calloused exterior. Saw’s ailing health has not withered his resolve to fight.”

 Hopefully this role allows Forest Whitaker to shine as we all know he can.

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