New ‘Logan’ Image Released

Hugh Jackman has been portraying the character of Wolverine since 2000’s X-Men, and is praised for his iconic take on the character. Jackman has played the character for a whopping sixteen years, and will make his final appearance as the clawed Canadian in next year’s Logan. The trailer and images that we have seen so far have a sense of finality to them, as the film deals with an older, weary Wolverine’s journey through a world in which the X-Men are seemingly dead. Today, Jackman tweeted out a black and white picture taken on the set of the movie. Check it out here:

The image, titled only as “Room”, is likely a still of Logan’s bedroom in the upcoming film. Logan is seen gazing off into the distance, aged and damaged.

While fans are sad to see Jackman depart the role of Wolverine, as he has truly become an icon of the X-Men franchise, most are nevertheless excited to see his next Wolverine film.

Logan debuts on March 3rd, 2017, in the US.

Jack Weldon

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