John Cleese Might Be Joining The DC Extended Universe

Comic book movie fans and geeks are always on the prowl, looking for the tiniest bit of information or leak when it comes to their favorite movie franchise or characters. Earlier this month a Twitter user noticed that John Cleese, known best for his role in the Monty Python franchise, had started following director Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck, who are both heavily involved in DC Comics’ Cinematic Universe.


It’s also worth mentioning that the U.K. account for Batman v Superman, and DCEU photographer Clay Enos have begun following the actor as well. Usually, people would just write this off as nothing to get excited about, but if you remember, this sounds exactly like the situation with Joe Manganiello, who started following Snyder and Affleck a few weeks before it was revealed that he’d be playing Deathstroke.

In typical fanboy fashion, fans around the world are speculating on who he could be playing, should he be cast in the DCEU. Names like Highfather, Doctor Fate, and even Wintergreen, Slade Wilson’s personal butler, have been thrown into the mix on social media.

Again, there is no confirmation that he’s involved in the DCEU or Justice League, but based on past experiences like this, it’s more likely than not that he has a role to play somewhere in one of DC’s upcoming movies.

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Josh Sharpe

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