Possible New Batman And Suicide Squad Games Revealed

Video game company Rocksteady is seemingly done with the Batman: Arkham series, which contains three acclaimed entries. Although fans of the Arkham games may be saddened by Rocksteady’s departure from DC, WB Montreal, the company behind the prequel Batman: Arkham Origins, seems to be taking on the responsibility. The company recently released a set of videos (linked below) which feature company programmers touching on not only their love of the video game industry, but also how WB Montreal is continuing to expand upon the DC Universe. These new videos may solidify a rumor which circulated the internet a few months ago, which discussed how WB Montreal was working on two upcoming DC games. The rumor states:

Suicide Squad, in which they go help from Rocksteady.

– is a brawler
– you create your own avatar, grow it out, with tiers of rewards
– many characters to choose
– coop-action
– Borderlands esque

targeted for 2017 release.

Next game is the Damian Wayne game.

– has been greenlit last summer
– 10 years in the future (I think our future from 10 years now, not quite Batman Beyond)
– Bruce is old and has a beard
– harness on his leg
– uses a walking stick
– is mentoring Damian Wayne to be the new Batman
– Damian has a Batbike
– lots of great characters and also new ones, lot’s or redesigns, like Black Mask being a female
– Dick’s in it, has a shaved head
– some other villains are Flamingo, Poison Ivy and White Rabbit(old, looks like a granny)

While these new videos from WB Montreal do not directly confirm the existence of these games in any way, they certainly do add credence to the rumors. The crew can clearly be seen modeling and coding a city-like map, which could be the setting for either of the rumored games.. Adding on to this, the programmers also seem to be testing this world with a DualShock 4 (the current PS4 controller), likely ruling out the possibility of this being footage from the old Arkham Origins production days.


Personally, I am incredibly excited by the prospect that WB Montreal may be producing not one, but two more DC Universe video games. While Origins was not the best Arkham game mechanics-wise, it certainly boasted one of the best main plotlines in the series.

What are your thoughts on these new videos? Do you believe in this rumor, and if so, what do you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source (as well as video link): WCCFtech

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