New ‘Logan’ Images Show Scarred Logan And X-23

Some of the best still image marketing that fans have seen recently is the black and white pictures posted on social media by¬†Logan director James Mangold to tease the upcoming final bout of Hugh Jackman as ‘Wolverine’. Now, we have two more to add to the collection. The first comes from Hugh Jackman’s Twitter and shows scars on his hands at the points that his claws appear from. The second comes exclusively from Empire and shows a bloody Logan carrying Laura Kinney A.K.A. X-23.



As fans who have been keeping up with the movie will know, Logan has a slightly diminished healing factor compared to what we’ve seen in previous movies. It seems to be that he still heals quicker than your average mutant but it leaves behind scarred tissue.

One of the scenes in the trailer involved X-23 being kidnapped by the film’s villain, Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook. We can see in the second image that she has her hands tied so the event in this still seems to take place after she is taken. Judging by the flaming truck in the background, it doesn’t look like Logan let them off easy.

The anticipation for this movie is huge and the trailer that we got a few weeks back is, to some, arguably the best trailer of the year. We’re sure that these images will continue to roll out so keep an eye on social media.

Logan hits theatres on March 3rd 2017!

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Source: Hugh Jackman’s Twitter, Empire