Kevin Smith Says He Would “Absolutely” Direct ‘The Flash’ Movie

A couple of weeks ago, the news dropped that the 2018 DC movie The Flash lost it’s director Rick Famuyiwa. This was the second time the movie lost it’s director after Seth Graham-Smith left the project. Fans of The Flash character could not ask to be alive in a better time as we also have a ‘Flash’ television show starring Grant Gustin. Kevin Smith who has directed some of the TV show’s greatest episodes including ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’ last season and last night’s episode ‘Killer Frost.’ Smith was live on Facebook to talk about last night’s episode and was asked if he would direct The Flash movie if WB came to him. He replied with the following…

“If somebody was like ‘Do you want to do The Flash movie?’ then this would honestly be my first response. I’d say absolutely, but you should try Tim Miller first. Or I’d say the Wachowskis. I’d list a bunch of other people who I would think would make a brilliant Flash movie. If Tim Miller was like, ‘Man, I hate the Flash,” then I’d be like ‘F**k Tim Miller, I’ll do it.”

As previously mentioned, the television episodes of The Flash Kevin Smith has directed have been some of the best episodes the show has ever had. Kevin Smith would be a great fit for The Flash movie as would Tim Miller. Miller and Smith have shown us that they have a great sense of comedy and action that a movie about ‘The Flash’ certainly needs. The movie is set to be released in March 2018 so in order to make that release date, they will have to start filming by spring next year.

We got a glimpse of Ezra Miller’s flash in Suicide Squad and the teaser for Justice League and Ezra seems like a great fit for this character.

The Flash currently hits theatres on March 16th 2018!

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Source: Kevin Smith Facebook