Future Barry Allen’s Message To Be Revealed In DCTVU Crossover

If you have been keeping up with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW, you will know that a couple of weeks ago Jax and Martin Stein stumbled across a secret room in the Waverider in which they found a warning message from Barry Allen in the year 2056. The show hasn’t touched upon what exactly the message is apart from that it’s a big deal. Now, according to Victor Garber who plays the older half of ‘Firestorm’ Professor Martin Stein, fans will find out more about the message very soon…

“It sort of comes out in dribs and drabs. It’s a big mystery and a big deal. It’s a spoiler if I give you too much information, but it’s just part of the whole mystery of time travel and the fact that this is coming from Barry years later and then when he finds out — and that all happens in the crossover, so it just sort of unfolds as these things do on these shows, and lots of things occur in that time period.”

The upcoming 4 night crossover event starts on Season 3 Episode 8 of The Flash which airs next Tuesday 29th November. This doesn’t provide any clues as to what the message could be but given that the crossover event will deal with an alien invasion, perhaps something along those lines or perhaps it has something to do with Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash who has been working with Damien Darhk and who killed Rex Tyler, one of the members of the ‘Justice Society of America’.

Last season on Legends of Tomorrow we saw the Legends travel to Star City 2046, 10 years before future Barry sent his message to Rip Hunter. There they met an older rugged Oliver Queen who was missing an arm. It would be great to see an older Barry Allen appear in a later episode of Legends of Tomorrow in a similar way but perhaps with all his limbs intact.

You can catch Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday nights at 8pm PT!

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Source: CBR