Watch Dog’s 2 Seamless Multiplayer Back In Action

Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer has been down for a week now, and our prayers have been answered. The Watch Dogs 2 Reddit posted earlier this morning that they would begin rolling out their “first phase of seamless online multiplayer. It was first brought back online for the PS4 around 11 AM PST and Xbox One will receive the same by early afternoon.

With the in-game multiplayer app, you’ll now be able to invite friends to co-op or play with a stranger, hack into other players’ worlds, and take part in Bounty Hunts. As long as everything goes according to plan, the remaining pieces of seamless multiplayer will then be turned on, allowing Bounty mode to run smoothly in the world without using the app. You’ll also be able to run into other players in the world, allowing you take part in co-op missions and DedSec events.

Be on the look out for our review of Watch Dogs 2 now that multiplayer has been fixed!

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Source: Watch Dogs 2