Kevin Smith On Returning To Direct ‘The Flash’

Kevin Smith directed one of the standout episodes of the last season of The Flash, titled The Runaway Dinosaur. The episode focused on Barry Allen, who was trapped in the Speed Force, dealing with the demons of his past and getting over the murder of his mother, and the subsequent loss of his childhood. In an interview with Variety, Smith discussed directing this episode:

“I was happy with “Runaway Dinosaur” because it was so tied into my favorite episode of the show, the Season 1 finale, that it felt like a spiritual sequel. The ‘Killer Frost’ script couldn’t have been more different. ‘Runaway Dinosaur’ played like a Berlanti-verse version of ‘What Dreams May Come’ — it was lyrical, kinda beautiful, had the idea of facing ones own mortality.”


When asked about the next episode which he is going to direct, Killer Frost, Smith said this:

“‘Killer Frost’ is like a Grisham thriller and a bit of an action movie. The pace that I was going for was ‘Three Days of the Condor.’ That’s lofty, and I never shared that with the cast and crew, but based on the nature of the story, it’s about someone who knows something that no one else does and they’re trying to get this information before anyone else. It allowed me to tell a story that I would never tell in my own world.”

It is easy to see that Kevin Smith treats directing an episode of the beloved series incredibly seriously. DC fans everywhere have fallen in love with The Flash, which had a strong first two seasons and is looking to continue the trend. Hopefully, Smith’s new episode will be able to surpass the excellent Runaway Dinosaur and make its mark in the history of The Flash.

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Source: Variety

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