Patrick H. Willems Discusses Visual Problems Of Marvel Films

The beginning of the era of comic book movies began with Marvel, and they remain on top of the industry. However, people do have problems with them and one individual in particular, Patrick H. Willems, has uploaded a video essay expressing his discontent with how the visuals of Marvel films currently exist. Check it out below:

Throughout the essay, Willems states how he believes all the colors in all of the studio’s movies are too muted. In superhero/action films, there should be more vibrance to enhance the dynamics of the film, but he doesn’t believe that to be the case with the MCU. After enhancing some snippets of scenes on his own, I do agree that they could look better. Not to say I have the same problem on the same scale as Willems, but I definitely see where he’s coming from.

What do you guys think? Are Marvel movies too dull visually? After watching the video essay do you believe that the way the movies look upon release is better than how he edits them? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Heroic Hollywood