Willa Holland Says To Expect More of Speedy On ‘Arrow’

At the start of this season of Arrow we saw the brand new team arrow formed. This team included a brand new cast of characters, which was great to see, but many fans were still left disappointed after we lost the old team. The old team included John Diggle, Arsenal, Black Canary, and of course, Speedy. In the past seasons Thea Queen, or Speedy, was a real fan favorite on the show, and when fans saw that she wouldn’t be Speedy in season 5, they were rightfully disappointed.

Blood Debts

Recently, at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, the full cast of Arrow was there for a big panel where fans could ask a variety of questions regarding the future of the show. While there, Willa Holland, who plays Speedy, was asked if we would be seeing more of her in action, and if she misses being on set.

“Yeah, I definitely do! I miss that leather outfit a lot. I miss being in the Arrowcave. I miss shooting on set all the time! The crossover photos have leaked out….You see that I put my costume back on after 8 episodes of not wearing it. I have a feeling she’s going to be periodically putting it back on whenever it’s necessary.”

This is great news for any fans of Speedy, and of Arrow in general. Hopefully we are able to see even more of her in action even after the crossover event finishes up.

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