‘The Walking Dead’: Scott Gimple Says The Whisperers Might Arrive Sooner Than In The Comics

Season seven of AMC’s The Walking Dead has been off to a great start, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivering an amazing portrayal as Negan wherever he shows up and the overall tone being refreshingly different. Rick is not in charge anymore and seeing him and his group succumb to Negan is something viewers are not used to. But they will fight back. It might take the whole season or even parts of season eight, but Rick will defeat Negan. And when that happens, there will be new threats to face.

As the TWD comics are far ahead of the TV show, we can always sort of predict what our survivors are going to be up against and one name stands out: The Whisperers. They are a group of people who completely abandoned their pre-apocalypse lives and now live in a cult-like community. They don’t believe in killing walkers; instead, they wear their skins as a disguise and live among them. To remain unnoticed, they only communicate by whispering, which is how they got their name. Led by an unnamed Alpha, they are a deadly threat to other humans.

Recently, the synopses of the remaining season seven episodes were released online, and they teased a mysterious new group being introduced in episode six. Comicbook.com got a chance to talk to TWD showrunner Scott Gimple, and while he revealed that we won’t be seeing the Whisperers just yet, he did tease them coming sooner than comic book readers might expect.

“If we’ve gotten this far without saying anything about them, I’d like the audience to discover this group when it’s on screen. I will say … I mean, it’s not the Whisperers. I will also say, though, that it’s not impossible that the Whisperers could come along or aspects of them could come along earlier than the timeline of the book, but certainly not this early.”

For now, the survivors have more pressing matters to deal with, anyway. The Walking Dead returns tonight at 9pm on AMC with a new episode called Go Getters.

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