‘Supergirl’ EP On Character Reactions To The Guardian

In the midst of Supergirl’s sophomore season, things have certainly gotten interesting to say the least. Not only did a TV version of Superman make his way to the Arrowverse but rumors of Bizarro, added content from Martian Manhunter, and a new crime fighting hero round out the list on what makes this show so much more popular this time around. On the show itself, Kara-El has a friend named James Olsen and is no stranger to comic book fans. A different iteration of the character was seen earlier this year in Batman vs. Superman as a former employee of Wayne Enterprises. On the show itself, he works alongside Kara and recently, he entrusted Winn to help build him a suit to fight crime on the streets. His first go against the ever-growing world of crime was alongside Supergirl against the Parasite. When the Guardian was asked about his identity by the last daughter of Krypton, he refused to share it. While it’s still unconfirmed if Kara will find out about the Guardian’s identity, executive producer Andrew Kresiberg confirmed that some characters will  find out later this season:

It’s a little bit like when Chandler and Monica started dating [on Friends], every episode somebody else found out and they had a surprising reaction. Not everybody is going to find out at once. Some people are going to be supportive; who’s supportive is going to be surprising. Some people are going to be incredibly unsupportive thinking James and Winn have lost their minds; their identities will be interesting.

Fans of the show can speculate but won’t have to wait long for their next dose of Supergirl, which airs on the CW weekly. What do you think about the Guardian suit? Is it too much story? Sound off below or on our social media accounts!


Source: Heroic Hollywood

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