Valiant’s Doctor Mirage Could Be Coming To The CW

As we have seen over the past few months, Valiant Comics has been slowly getting into the live action world. They have a cinematic movie universe coming, with multiple planned movies, such as Bloodshot, Harbinger, and X-O Manowar, and a web series coming based on the Ninjak character, and now it looks like they might be getting another live action adaptation.

According to Deadline, The CW ordered a pilot for a live action adaptation of Valiant’s Doctor Mirage. Gary Dauberman was planned to write the pilot episode, and also act as an executive producer. This series is not confirmed to be happening, but it is reportedly been discussed and planned, but not yet confirmed.


Doctor Mirage is a character created by Valiant Comics who has the special ability to communicate with departed souls, except her late husband. She uses her special abilities to solve homicides as a paranormal investigator, while also working to find the soul of her late husband Hwen.

Despite this character not being very well known, It wouldn’t be surprising for The CW to want this series. Firstly, Valiant is a well respected company with interesting characters that are easily adaptable for the most part, and secondly because The CW is seemingly obsessed with comic book adaptations, as this would be their seventh one.

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