Joker Appears In The New Trailer For ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Episode 4


Telltale has released the trailer today for the upcoming fourth episode in the Batman:The Telltale Series game, and it features the first appearance of the iconic Joker. The episode is titled Guardian of Arkham, and it is scheduled to release on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Fans have been wondering if Joker would make an appearance in this game, because it portrays Bruce Wayne very early in his career.  The trailer wastes no time in introducing The Clown Prince of Crime and his signature laugh. Watch the trailer below

While Joker will certainly be the most talked about thing in this trailer there are also other interesting things going on.

Bruce Wayne apparently is in Arkham after the events of episode three where Bruce was drugged by Vicki Vale, causing him to assault Oswald Cobblepot, who isn’t full-on Penguin yet. Bruce looks like he is getting harassed and tortured while there.

Vale seems to be the leader of the Children of Arkham, the people terrorizing Gotham.

What’s also interesting is Mayor Dent, who is full-on Two-Face, is sending out a man hunt for Bruce Wayne. Alfred is looking ready for a fight at Wayne Manor, with his shotgun.

Whatever happens in this episode it’s definitely going to be an exciting one, that’s going to lead into the finale.

Are people excited for episode four? What type of Joker do you hope Telltale is going to bring?