‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Moves To A New Night In 2017 

Most of the DCTV shows have been amazing, and the greatness that is Legends of Tomorrow is no exception. The show has been entertaining, comic-like, and they have even tackled dark topics such as Racism. 

It is now confirmed that as of January 24th 2017, the show will no longer be airing on its usual Thursday Night Slot. Instead, they will be changing to Tuesday Nights at 9 EST, directly following The Flash.

This doesn’t only shift things around for Legends of Tomorrow, it also shifts the slot of iZombie, Supernatural, and the Archie Comic’s series Riverdale. Firstly, following Legends’ season finale, iZombie will be taking over the Tuesday at 9 PM slot. Then for Supernatural, the show will air an hour earlier than usual, at 8 PM EST. Lastly, for Riverdale the series will air at 9 PM starting on Thursday, January 26th. 

Source: CBR