‘Dead Rising 4’ Will No Longer Have Co-Op Campaign

Capcom announced earlier today that Dead Rising 4 will no longer support Co-op play for the campaign, but instead will offer a new cooperative game mode.

Gameplay producer David McAnerin said their reasoning for this decision was to “focus on telling Frank’s story” and that they are “excited to bring him back.”

Now for the four player cooperative game mode. It is based loosely off the e Infinity mode from previous games. As of now all four players have to survive in a mall for as long as the can, while they tackle many different missions. Players must arm themselves in a safe house and then make it back to a safe house, although it is unknown if they have to return to the original safe house or if there are other safe houses to complete the day.

The only other Dead Rising game to not have cooperative campaign was Dead Rising 2.

Dead Rising 4 releases for Xbox One and PC on December 6th.

Source: GameInformer