Saw Gerrera’s Relationship to Jyn Erso Explained in ‘Star Wars: Catalyst’ Novel

*Spoilers for the novel Star Wars: Catalyst are below.

Rogue One is steadily approaching, and one of the biggest excitements for fans is that Forest Whitaker will be bringing Saw Gerrera to life for the first time on the big screen, a character only previously seen in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. As we know, Jyn Erso is going to be a focal point of the film, and now we have learned the connection between the two characters.


Star Wars: Catalyst is a novel that has just been released that follows the story of Orson Krennick and his escapade to build the Death Star to aid the Separatist battle against the Republic. He recruits his friend Galen Erso and tells him that he needs help researching for renewable energy for the galaxy. After learning of the truth behind the project, Erso leaves with his wife and daughter with the help of pilot Saw Gerrera. He takes them to the secluded Lah’mu, and in doing so builds a bond with the family.

Perhaps after joining the Rogue squad, Jyn contacts Saw in hopes that he will aid in their cause. Regardless of how he shows up in the film, we know that he has a preexisting relationship with Jyn.

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Source: ScreenRant