‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Speculation

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Young Justice season one and two.

Since its disappointing cancellation in 2013, fans of the popular superhero show Young Justice have strongly pushed for a series renewal. So, when WB announced last Monday that Young Justice was to be renewed for a third season, fans everywhere rejoiced. So what will we see in season three? Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman have not named any specifics as of yet, simply hinting at new threats to the team in their announcement.

Here’s a list of predictions for what the third season of Young Justice might explore.


1. The Speed Force


Those who watched the Young Justice season two finale (and if you haven’t, go watch it right now) will know that Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash, suffered an untimely death at the hands of a mysterious blue energy. However, instead of explicitly dying onscreen, the speedster simply faded away into nothing. Even Blue Beetle’s scarab referenced this event as “ceasing” rather than death. This leads me to believe that Wally isn’t dead, but is instead trapped within the Speed Force, the extra-dimensional power which fuels his speed. In season three, the team might have to extract Wally from the other dimension, and subsequently deal with the ramifications of messing with the Speed Force.


2. The New Gods


In episode 17 of Young Justice season one,the Forever People, residents of the planet New Genesis, came into contact with Superboy. As season two was a space-based plotline, it is entirely possible that the story of season three may revolve around the aforementioned planet. The noble residents of New Genesis are known as the New Gods, and among their roster are the likes of Orion, Metron, and the Highfather. If Young Justice decides to return to a storyline which it hinted at in its first season, these characters could be brought to life once again.


3. More Magic


Although the show did touch on magic in episodes like Denial and Misplaced, the mythology of this magic was not explored. We know that magic exists in the world, and is manipulated by or imbued in certain objects and people, but we still have questions. Where did Nabu come from? What history do the sorcerers in Young Justice have with each other? What has Klarion been doing all this time? With evil sorcerers still on the loose, Zatara still under the influence of the Doctor Fate helm, and the overall history of magic in the Young Justice universe still a mystery, seeing a magic-based season three storyline is not out of the question.


4. Older Team Members Transitioning Into League Members


Although it was revealed in season two that Nightwing and other original team members had turned down requests to join the Justice League, season three (if show time is consistent with real world time) will take place three years later. The main cast of season one will be older, and may end up deciding that it is time to move on from the younger team. Season three could follow characters such as Miss Martian, Nightwing, and Superboy making the transition from team to league, and passing the torch on to the next generation of young heroes.


5. The League of Shadows


The League of Shadows has been present throughout the series, and Ra’s al Ghul was a prevalent member of the Light. However, the League has not been the subject of any major storylines, and after the massive, inter-galactic scale of season two, Young Justice might seek a more grounded third season. Ra’s al Ghul’s connection with Batman, who closely oversees the team, could create an interesting story arc (especially considering Nightwing and Robin are team members). The League of Shadows might be a step away from the extraterrestrial aspects of the show, but would not be a step in the wrong direction.

These are my thoughts for possible/interesting storylines for Young Justice season three to explore. Bear in mind that all the above listings are speculation.

What do you think would be an interesting path for Young Justice to take in its third season? What do you think of these theories? Comment below with your thoughts.

Young Justice season three is currently in production, with no set release date.

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