Jared Leto Talks Method Acting For The Joker

Leaving the theater after seeing Suicide Squad, fans’ opinions on Jared Leto’s iteration of the Joker were diverse and ranged from overwhelmingly positive to flat-out bad. Whether or not you enjoyed Leto’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime, though, you can’t deny his absolute commitment to the role. For months, the actor made headlines with his radical method-acting approach. During an exclusive talk with Collider, Leto opened up about why he decided to go method and the film’s director David Ayer also commented on the matter.

“This role has always been interpreted so beautifully, but then there’s the other side: What else can you uncover?” Leto offered, “What other parts of this story or this life, what can you do that hasn’t been done? That side of me that likes exploration, that likes adventure, that likes to push the envelope, that was set on fire immediately. I knew that I was going to have to dive really deep and go to a place that I’ve never gone before.”

“During the process of figuring out the Joker and helping Jared create that character, I kinda had to say goodbye to Jared. There was a point when he went away and was replaced slowly and surely by the Joker,” Ayer explained. “It was a fascinating process to watch. There was this really nice guy, a good guy with a lot of depth to him, he’s a very thoughtful person … the Joker is not someone you’d say is a really good guy.”

Jared Leto vocally expressed his frustration about the surprisingly small amount of Joker scenes in Suicide Squad‘s theatrical cut when the film was released, but there will be more of his character in the extended cut, which releases on Digital Download on November 28, and on Blu-ray (4K and 3D) on December 5.

Jonathan Warncke

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