COMICS: Avengers Issue #1.1 Review


Marvel Now 2.0 has been great as of late, with surprisingly good issues, and some issues that were just as good as we thought they would be. This week a new addition was Avengers #1.1, a flashback book looking at the early days of The Avengers.


One early highlight of this issue was the re-showcasing of the original Avengers team. The team rarely gets the attention they deserve, they consist of Captain America, Iron Man, The Wasp, Giant-Man, Hulk, Thor, and the three newly reformed villains, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. Now that in the current day Marvel books the Avengers team is extremely different than this, it is great to see them all back together fighting crime.

A second part of this showing of the frightful four. The reason for this being so amazing was that they referenced a fantastic four comic from way back then, which was an amazing way to make old school comics fans feel like this was back in that continuity. 

The book ends with the frightful four defeating this makeshift team of Avengers in quick fashion, as Janet Van Dyne watches on in horror as she feels guilty for leaving the team.

Overall this was a fun issue that I would feel comfortable giving a 7.5/10. This rating isn’t due to the contents of the book, but simply due to the fact that it won’t really matter. Despite this flaw, it is a good single issue that would be a great book for any old school comic fan to pick up.

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