The Flash #10 Comic Review


The current run of The Flash in DC Universe Rebirth has been a dividing topic, many feel it has been great thus far, and then there is people like me, who feel the run has been disappointing and predictable at times.

The first arc which was titled ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ just finished up, so if you are going to begin reading, this issue is the time to do it. This new arc is titled ‘The Speed of Darkness’, and is written by Joshua Williamson.


One of the highlights of this book was the use of Papercut to create an interesting dynamic between Wally and Barry. In this series, Barry knows Wally’s identity, but Wally doesn’t know Barry’s, so when Papercut shows up while Barry is with Iris, he can’t turn into The Flash. In his place, Wally shows up to try and take him out. In response to this, Barry goes to “get the police”, but in reality he is leaving to become the flash to help Wally. After they defeat Papercut, Barry as the flash brings Wally to his school, where Barry rants to Wally about not being able to trust him, when Wally suddenly revolts and yells at the flash stating that how can he trust him if he doesn’t even know his real identity.


Another key part of this book that I enjoyed was the retelling of The Shade’s backstory, it was given an entire page and connected with the normal story very well. In addition to this the art for the entire page was fantastic, it had the backstory fades that showed everything that meant something to him, and showed key parts of the story.


But other than the bit and the portion at the end, he wasn’t very prominent during this issue, which is one flaw that this issue had. If The Shade had been in the issue for a few more pages, or even a few more panels, that could have made all the difference. At the ending we see Wally take him on, only to lead him into a trap, and I look forward to seeing how he can get himself out of this one.21

Overall this issue was pretty good, it provided a good intro to the new villain of the series, but didn’t include him too much. There was a good dynamic between Wally and Barry and Barry and Iris which I also enjoyed. In addition, the art in these books have been great. I would give this issue an 8/10 of great art, a good character introduction, and some good character interactions.



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