New U.S.Avengers Variant Covers Released 

Marvel Comics is famous for their infinite variations of The Avengers team. We have seen the Pet Avengers, Dark Avengers, Great Lake Avengers, and so many more. One of these new wonky teams joining the fray is the U.S.Avengers. 

To commemorate the arrival of this new team, Marvel is releasing 53 Variant Covers for the first issue, one for every state, one for Canada, one for Puerto Rico, and one for the USA as a whole. Along with this, they are assigning an avenger to each territory.

Introduced this week was the Variant cover for Canada, not sure why they even have one, but they do. The official avenger for Canada is now the extremely popular Deadpool, and the art for this cover is great. 

Next up is the official Variant cover for Texas. The official avenger is now the infamously awesome looking hero, Firebird. 

“U.S.Avengers” #1 hits stands on January 4, 2017.