Will ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Be A Game Of The Year Contender?

While the first Watch Dogs sold well, it wasn’t exactly received well by fans. Many criticized the game for its downgraded graphics, bland and repetitive gameplay, and lack of an interesting protagonist in Aiden Peirce. Release for Watch Dogs 2 is just a few days away and we’ll soon find out if fans will give this franchise another shot. From what we’ve seen so far, the game does seem like a serious contender for Game of the Year.

Many are seeing Watch Dogs 2 as more of a reboot for the IP as opposed to a true sequel, due to there being such a huge departure when compared to the first title. Watch Dogs 1 was a lot darker and more serious than what we’re getting with the sequel. Watch Dogs 2 features stunning graphics, and a huge sand box, leaving fans plenty of room to play through the game however they see fit. With all of the new features and everything that comes with this year’s installment of Watch Dogs, it’s still going to be a tough race for Game of the Year due to there being so many great titles that have come out so far.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, Uncharted 4, and Dark Souls 3 are among some of the most anticipated titles to come out this year, and the marjority of them have deliverd, so Watch Dogs 2 is really going to have to knock it out of the park if it’s going to be considered for GOTY.

A fact that should make fans feel a tad bit better about a Watch Dogs sequel is that Ubisoft has usually made some pretty successful sequels in the past. Just look at the Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry franchises. Assassins Creed 2 is arugably the best game in the entire franchise, introduicing new gameplay mechanics, a loveable protaganist in Ezio and surrounding him with a supporting cast that gamers actually liked.

Next up is Far Cry. Although the first two games in the series are not as known to most compared to the award winning and Game of the Year nominee Far Cry 3 in 2012, they’re still considered cult classics to those who have played them. Critics have praised the past few installments for the game play and for introducing terrifying and engaging villains like Far Cry 3‘s Vaas. This is just another proving point of how Ubisoft has managed to produce sequels that have actually done pretty well in the public eye. Let’s just hope that Ubisoft has the same success when it comes to Watch Dogs 2.

Do you think Watch Dogs 2 it has what it takes to be better than the first one, or even if it will be good enough to win Game of the Year? Let us know in the comments! Or talk to us on twitter @ComicDrops.