Mads Mikkelsen Talks The Possibility of Kaecilius Returning In MCU


Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character, ‘Doctor Stephen Strange’ and Mads Mikkelsen as the film’s villain ‘Kaecilius’ is now showing in theatres around the world and those of you who have seen the film will know that the movie ended with Kaecilius and his two henchmen being sucked into the Dark Dimension. It seems like the return of Mikkelsen’s character doesn’t seem likely and in a recent interview with CinemaBlend Mikkelsen gave his input on the matter…

I don’t know. He was not looking too sharp in the end of this movie, but you never know…it’s like [snaps] a blink of an eye away.”

I highly doubt that Mikkelsen will return in the MCU but getting an actor with the calibre of Mikkelsen does seem interesting to only have him in one movie. His ‘death’ at the end of the movie was very similar to the ‘death’ of the Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger as both characters were simply transported to other dimensions or other ends of space. It’s entirely possible that if Strange opens up the dark dimension again in sequels that Kaecilius could somehow return. Maybe even Mordo somehow gains those abilities and asks Kaecilius to help him rid the world of sorcerers in the potential Doctor Strange sequel maybe in phase 4 – this is all pure speculation of course. As mentioned above, to get an actor like Mads Mikkelsen and only see as much of him as we did was an interesting choice so it would be great to delve more into Kaecilius’ character.

As I mentioned on our Doctor Strange review podcast, I would certainly put Kaecilius above Malekith and Zero as far as villain standards go but I wouldn’t say he is at that ‘Loki’ level that we are all waiting for.

The next time we see Stephen Strange will be in 2018 in Avengers: Infinity War and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Kaecilius in there but anything is possible.

Doctor Strange is in theatres right now and Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres on May 4th 2018!

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Source: CinemaBlend