Norman Reedus Explains Why Daryl Won’t Submit To Negan

WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 7 will be discussed.

Times are looking their darkest for Rick and his crew. The new villain Negan has shown his dominance by mentally and physically breaking everyone down. After Negan killed Abraham, Daryl’s rage took him over and punched Negan in the face. While this attitude worked fine for Daryl in the past, he had no idea Negan would end Glenn’s life because of it. Daryl is now tortured and broken since he was the cause of his friends death. Daryl is now a prisoner of Negan and is being fed dog food sandwiches. Like all of Negan’s Saviors, they were all broken down by him and Negan wishes to do the same to Daryl. Daryl might be broken, but not broken enough to call himself Negan. Norman Reedus tells us whats going on in Daryl’s head.

“I think because of Glenn, he can’t give up who he is because Glenn never gave up who he was. Glenn was a very honest person, always saw the good in things and had an optimistic point of view. I think with how this episode ends, if Daryl would have said he’s Negan, it would have completely belittled every single thing Glenn was about. Even if Daryl died being Daryl, he has to keep his head up for Glenn. He couldn’t just let it all go at the last minute. He’s fighting not just for himself, but for Glenn as well.”

Daryl has always been a tough guy. And even when others have given in to Negan, Daryl will tough it out like he has never before since Glenn’s death motivates him to continue being the person he is.

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Source: AMC