‘Deadpool 2’ Reportedly Won’t Start Production Any Time Soon

After Deadpool‘s insane success earlier this year, fans were shocked when director Tim Miller announced his departure from the sequel last month, and even more so when the film’s composer left shortly after. Yesterday we (and many other news sites) reported that despite those heavy hits, Deadpool 2 will start production come January – but according to a recent Collider report, that’s not true.

As the report states, filming under Miller was initially planned to kick off in March, so January is incorrect altogether. Given Miller’s exit, however, we shouldn’t expect a serious start of production until much later, as hiring a new director and sorting things out with him or her will take a considerable amount of time.

Looking at Deadpool‘s success, I wouldn’t be worried about the sequel too much. It will 100% happen, and as we know, Ryan Reynolds was the heart and soul of the first one and sure won’t let us down. In the meantime, check out our top 3 picks for who should direct the sequel and let us know your opinion on Twitter / Instagram!

Jonathan Warncke

Swimmer. Writer. Huge Iron Man fan.