Comic Drops Is Evolving, And We Want YOU On The Team!

Comic Drops is hiring once again, for a NEW site and we want YOU to get in on the action!

In an effort to meet the requests of many of our readers, and enhance their experience, Comic Drops has decided to branch out into more forms of entertainment previously not covered by this site. Along with the new content that will be regularly pushed out, we’ve also decided to come up with a new name and look for our site. Our new name will be The Drop LLC, accompanied by the URL (You can call us TDN for short.)

We intend for this transition to be smooth, which is why we have spent the past few months preparing the new look, and putting together a plan. With the increased coverage of news, we’ll need a lot more active team members to help us push out content, which is where you come in! If you’re interested in joining any of the positions available, be sure to send a message to any of the branch leaders corresponding to your position of interest.

Keep an eye out for updates regarding the new site in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you have enjoyed what you see on all Comic Drops platforms.

The Drop – Comics: (Superhero related TV/Film, and Comic Book News)

If you have any questions about positions with Comic Drops or how to become a writer, be sure

to get in contact with either of the emails listed below:

Editor in Chief: Hamed Alazzamy (

Senior Editor: Jonathan Warncke (

The Drop – Cinema: (Non-Superhero related TV/Film News)

This will be the first of the new sites to roll out. If you have a passion for cinema and

would like to join the team, get in contact with either of the emails listed below:

Co-Editor in Chief: Chris Davis (

Co-Editor in Chief: Collin Sapp (

The Drop- Board

If you have any questions about the site as a whole, payment/income opportunities, our copyright policies, and so on, you can contact any of the following board members:

Chairman / Co-CEO: Ryland Sample (

President / Co-CEO: – Josh Sharpe (

Executive Director / Co-CEO: – Tucker Olinger (

The Drop – Video Games (Coming Soon)

The Drop will soon be covering Video Games as another site category. This division of the website comes with the ability to review early copies of video games. If you’re a video game writer, contact More updates on the arrival of this column will be given in the near future.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the continued support that you’ve shown us over the past year and a half. We hope that this enhances the user experience and we look forward to what’s coming in the future. If you are interested in any position or have a skill that you think would be an asset to the team that has not been listed above, please email

For more details on our regulations and standards for writers, please visit our

Opportunities/Applying page.

Thanks again for supporting!

Josh Sharpe

Editor in Chief of ComicDrops, Host of The Drop,Musician, Batarangs everywhere. Find me on Twitter @DarKnightOfRen