‘Deadpool 2’ To Begin Production In January

After a turbulent week for Deadpool fans, it seems like all hope is not lost. After learning that director Tim Miller has stepped away from the sequel to the blockbuster movie released earlier this year, fans were distressed and worried about the direction it would go with its new director. Over the course of a few hours, rumors started to surface about Fox’s interference and its desire to have Deadpool competing with the other big budget movies released this year and years to come. To add insult to injury, the renowned movie composer Junkie XL also released he would not be joining the rest of the staff for the sequel after the director’s departure due to “creative differences”. Another rumor that surfaced after the departure accused star Ryan Reynolds as the reason Tim Miller left. Reportedly, Reynolds had a problem with Tim Miller’s choice as Cable the time traveler (Miller wanted Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights).

Director or not, Fox seems hell bent on making their deadlines and putting out a product that can instantly help them gain profit. In order to do that, they’re willing to find a new director before the conclusion of this year and will start production in January. The new director hasn’t been announced yet but the frontrunners are rumored to be David Leich (John Wick) and Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) not far from behind him. News of the production was obtained by “What’s Filming?” on one of the websites with calendars of movies entering production dates. More details on the new director will be provided as we receive them at Comic Drops. Are you more worried for Deadpool than last week? Sound off in the comments below or let us know on our Twitter/Instagram


Source: Heroic Hollywood

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