Jay Hernandez Talks El Diablo’s Possible Return

While the movie itself was divisive among some, Suicide Squad did exceedingly well in theaters, making $745 million worldwide. Some of the aspects of the film is up in the air for many, but El Diablo’s role was debatably the best part of the movie. Jay Hernandez, who plays the character, sat down with Variety Latino to talk about his possible return after an ending that sort of puts him in a gray area in the DCEU.


“You know what, let’s just say he’s a metahuman. Whatare you going to do? There are possibilities there. I’m not saying anything but, there are some possibilities. I haven’t heard anything yet from anyone but even if I had, do you think I could tell you?”


While Hernandez’s response here seems a bit ambiguous, and he doesn’t seem to want to give us any insight into whether we can expect him in any upcoming films in the future, he does seem to be so aloof that it answers the question. That’s only speculation though, so we won’t be making any assumptions until we get an official announcement.


Do you think that El Diablo will be returning? Like Hernandez said, he is a metahuman, so ‘there are possibilities there’! Would you like to see him in the movies again, or is he better off gone? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

Source: Variety Latino