The Question Teased By ‘Arrow’ EP Marc Guggenheim 

The fifth season of Arrow has been surprisingly good so far, in comparison to their previous season, which was anything but great. So far in this darker toned season we have seen Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, Artemis, and Ragman, and we will eventually add Vigilante, the human target, Talia Al Ghul and a variety of other great characters.

Much like Oliver Queen, Vic Sage is also a vigilante. Vic Sage is from Hub City, and he goes by ‘The Question’. He has been a character that many fans have been asking for repeatedly since season 1, and it looks like he might be coming.

Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim went to twitter with a great tease for us that suggests that The Question might be coming.

This is certainly interesting, it looks like we will eventually be seeing The Question on Arrow. If you can’t read it, the bottom of this picture says:

“Will suit all buyer groups, gives owners the chance to build around their needs, and provides developers or investors with the ability to purchase, develop, and lease out a fresh and creative commercial space in the country’s most sought-after city.”

In addition to this, the bottom right corner of the image says 511, which suggests that this will be appearing in episode 11 of this season. If this is to happen, it is guaranteed that this episode would be fantastic, with a thrilling debut and some dark and gritty action, it can’t dissapoint.

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