Tom Cavanagh Talks The Latest Version Of Harrison Wells

Tom Cavanagh’s Professor Harrison Wells has been one of the highlights of The Flash since season one. Always kind of unpredictable, his genius has proven invaluable to Team Flash multiple times. Starting with tonight’s episode, we’ll see the third iteration of Wells, as the team sent a “hiring” call through the Multiverse last episode, to replace Earth 2’s Wells. While speaking with, Cavanagh shed some light on how this version of Wells will be different from the previous ones.

“Last year I was trying to fill in gaps that we don’t have on a daily basis on our show: we have a big bad, but not a daily antagonist,” Cavanagh said. “Everybody is very winning on our show….They’re so great, that I thought it would be a guy who wasn’t great. That’s what I was last year; it’s good to have a daily antagonist, someone you can’t trust, a malcontent — a bit of a bitch, socially inept. But ultimately he’s kind of a good guy. In the first season, he seems good but he’s bad and in the second season, he seems bad, but he’s good, and then in the third season — well, I wonder what he is? A bit of a con man.”

“He’s a bit of a con man and the same element of ‘can you trust him, or not?’ is there, but in a different way. A superhero show works best with conflict, large and small, and I’m happy to drop off these little firebombs here and there. This is one more fire that they have to put out, and is it better to extinguish it completely, or to keep the embers burning?”

The veteran actor also revealed that he thoroughly enjoys the new comedic aspect he’s been able to bring to the character and that that aspect is being used to lighten up the overall rather serious tone of this season, but without undermining it. You can catch a glimpse of the third Wells on tonight’s episode of The Flash, which airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Jonathan Warncke

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