‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 5 Review


Tonight’s episode of The Flash didn’t give us much substance in the villain department, but we did get a bit of interesting development in some key characters, namely Julian, Caitlin, and H. R. Caitlin goes off to see her mother, and we see some development of Killer Frost. When she’s angered by her mother’s coworker she gives him some serious freezer burn and her voice sounds a bit more sinister. We saw last season that Vibe (or Reverb as we was called) and Killer Frost were both evil on Earth 2, but we know that Cisco has remained on team Flash after revealing his powers. It is hard to tell at this point which direction Caitlin will go in, because we are seeing some early evil tendencies accompanying her powers. However, we could see her overcome this evil and use her powers to help Barry out, though I’m sure it’d be an interesting dynamic to see her turn villainous and go up against the team she once belonged to. With this, would come the knowledge of all the ins and outs of the team, which she could share with any evil partners she may acquire, but this remains to be seen.


Julian is a hard character to read, though I’m sticking to my guns and saying he’s up to no good. Early on in the episode, he expresses hatred for all metahumans (Flash included) and also tries to get Barry in trouble with CCPD. However, when Flash races in and stops him from killing the 15 year-old kid who was controlling the hologram monster he has a change of heart (or so it seems) and takes a liking to the Scarlet Speedster. In the same respect, he opens up a bit at the end to Barry, explaining why he hates metas and saying he was wrong about the Flash, then saying the same of his forensics partner. This doesn’t seem like some coincidence. Personally, I feel that at this point Julian has figured out Flash and Barry to be one in the same so that he can get close to him and then let whatever scheme he has unfold once he has Barry in the palm of his hand. I could be totally wrong and his changed perspective of Flash could be sincere, in which case we cud possibly even see him join Team Flash. Again, nothing is concrete about these ideas, so we’ll have to see how the season unfolds.

The Flash -- "Paradox" -- Image: FLA302b_0244b.jpg -- Pictured: Tom Felton as Julian Albert -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

H.R. Wells of Earth 19 has also been revealed to be a sort of conman. He’s just a novelist who was the “face” of S.T.A.R. Labs back on his Earth who was exposed as a fraud, then attempted to go to Earth 1 to repeat the process. Despite this, he seems harmless and the team has offered him an opportunity to redeem himself. Being the skeptical fan that I am, I don’t trust the new Wells. Other than adding some comedic relief, this new Wells doesn’t seem like he’ll be much help to the team when stopping metas. So if he is going to continue to be here in place of Earth 2 Wells, I suspect some ulterior motive for joining. Sure, Cisco found a harmless recording when rifling through H.R.’s stuff, but he could’ve anticipated someone going in there and then planted the recording device for Cisco to find and play it off like he’s really a good guy. Unfortunately this was only the second episode with the new Wells, so more evidence will be needed to form a more concrete theory.


Despite there being a two-week break already, the season is heating up rapidly and is certainly grabbing my attention. I was not among those disappointed by the fact that Flashpoint was only one episode, because the repercussions set up the rest of the season quite nicely.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my thoughts/theories? If not, what are some ideas of your own? Leave your thoughts in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!