‘The Flash’: Danielle Panabaker On Caitlin Snow’s Inner Conflict

Following Barry Allen’s tampering with the timeline at the end of The Flash‘s second season, almost all of the show’s main characters life’s have been altered in some way. For Caitlin Snow, it was a rather drastic change; she now has the ice powers previously held by her villainous Earth 2 doppelgänger, Killer Frost. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Danielle Panabaker spoke out about what this means for Caitlin, and how she handles that situation.

It’s definitely been a challenging couple of months. At first, she doesn’t really know what to make of her powers. She’s experimenting a little bit, as we saw in episode 4, and it’s getting to the point where she knows she needs help and she’s not ready to go to Team Flash yet because I don’t think she knows what she’s going to say. So she goes to her mom as another expert in the medical field and tries to get some assistance from her mom, but she’s not quite as successful as she’d hoped.”

The main thing Caitlin is concerned about seems to be the possibility of turning bad, just like Killer Frost, and the fear of being labeled as a potential threat by her fellow Team Flash members.

“After hearing [about], and briefly meeting, Killer Frost at the end of season 2, I think she’s terrified that could be her future. She said to Cisco at the end of last season, ‘I’m scared, I don’t want to become her,’ as she was suffering from her PTSD after everything with Zoom. It is something that she’s very afraid of and cognizant of and trying to avoid,” Panabaker explained.

However, Panabaker herself is actually really excited about her character finally having powers. She revealed, “I’ve been bugging everyone just as long as the fans have been bugging me about my excitement for getting powers. It’s been such a treat. I’m so excited about it, and excited to see what it means for Caitlin this year.”

The Flash returns tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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