New ‘Logan’ Images Show Hugh Jackman And Storyboard

The first pieces of marketing we saw from the third Wolverine movie, Logan, were numerous black and white photos of characters and photos from various parts of the set. We know exactly what Logan is going to look like in the movie thanks to the teaser that was released and the numerous set photos that appeared online during the film’s production. Now, Logan director, James Mangold, has posted another two black and white photos of Hugh Jackman and a segment of the storyboard. Check out the images below…




These images don’t reveal anything we didn’t already know and the storyboards don’t tell us much. The top two images show Logan standing in front of the Liberty Motel so it seems like Logan and Laura, the young girl from the trailer, could be hiding out there whilst on the run from, or searching for, Boyd Holbrook’s character, the villain of the movie, ‘Donald Pierce’.

The first trailer was described by some as one of the best trailers of the year and rightfully so. The film is not that far away so we’ll probably be getting another trailer over the next couple of months or maybe earlier. In the meantime, expect a few more of these black and white teaser images to appear on social media.

Logan hits theatres March 3rd 2017!

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Source: James Mangold Twitter