‘Monster’ Lucifer Episode 6 Review

Monday again, and you know what that means, another episode of our favorite show Lucifer. 

This episode was honestly amazing, one of my favorite episodes in recent memory, for a variety of reasons. We saw amazing moments such as Lucifer’s interaction with the killer, the big reveal of his true self to Linda, and a great crime to solve involving a murderer with a specific hit list.

Firstly there is the amazing interaction Lucifer had with the killer. This whole interaction came with the fallout of last episode, where we saw Lucifer shockingly kill Uriel. In this episode we saw Lucifer extremely guilty about killing Uriel, causing him to slip into a deep depression, as we see in this scene. Lucifer plays mind games with the killer and inadvertently saves the life of the woman the killer was attempting to kill. This was great, as it was not only funny, but showed that even while Lucifer is not at his prime, he still has his ability to play mind games. In addition, this caused for a great scene between Chloe and Lucifer, that showed us how much Chloe cares about Lucifer’s wellness.

The second great moment was the huge reveal at the end of the episode. In this scene we saw a distressed Lucifer come to Dr. Linda, frantically looking for help. As they begin to talk, Lucifer begins to use his “metaphors” to which Linda responds, “Show me the real you”, and in response to this he shows Linda his real form, as the devil. This is long overdo honestly, it has taken forever for somone to find out Lucifer’s true self.

Lastly, and the final up from the episode was the dynamic with the killer, and the victims. This whole arc was great, the killer wanting to punish the guilty, as opposed to killing everyone, and the victims all being connected in some unique way involving the lawyers and the doctor’s. 

What did you think of today’s episode? Let me know in the comments!