5 Must Read Independent Comics

Independent comics are true works of art, I know it, you know it, any big comics fan knows it. The books are typically outstandingly written, and illustrated, and in my opinion, are better than most Marvel and DC books! There are some specific companies that are more recognized, such as Image, and Dark Horse, and then we have the lesser known companies, such as Valiant, BOOM!, Dynamite, Titan, Top Cow, and more.

Each of every single one of these companies has amazing books that are no doubt worth a read, but today I will choose the best 5, in no particular order.

Honorable Mentions:

Low- Image Comics

Sunstone- Image Comics

Britannia- Valiant Comics

Blue Hour- Action Lab Comics

Rai- Valiant Comics

Descender- Image Comics

Quantum and Woody- Valiant Comics

Red Sonja- Dynamite Comics

Now, onto my top 5:

Ninjak(Valiant Comics):

This book is amazing, specifically the first volume. I’ve read this book multiple times and I always, always enjoy it. It has action packed scenes, wonderful flashback scenes, and some great interaction between Collin and Kannon. The book just continues to get better and better as you read it, and it never loses your interest, much like the rest of Valiant’s comics.

Wytches(Image Comics):

Wytches is a comic by Image that is as creepy as it is beautiful. The writing is interwoven with talented artwork that while is a pleasure to look at, is creepy and dark. The story is not one-dimensional though, the writer adds layers of social commentary on the brutality of youth, relationships, and family, as well as packs a punch of emotional feeling for our protagonists. The plot tries its best to suggest that though the monsters that we see are terrifying, it’s the horrors we don’t see that are much more intimate and familiar than the monsters in the woods. Helmed by Scott Snyder and Jock, this story will truly stick with you months after finishing it.

Saga(Image Comics):

What can I say about Saga that hasn’t already been said? It was without a doubt the most popular independent comic right now, and is just so good for so many reasons. Saga is a book that has amazing storytelling, amazing art work, and every character in the books are so well developed. It is written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fiona Staples, both of which are absolutely amazing at what they do. The issues aren’t written often, so if you are willing to grind out and read 39 issues, i strongly suggest you do so.

X-O Manowar(Valiant Comics):

X-O Manowar is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite comic series of all time. It is the essence of long term story telling, and it does everything so fluidly and perfectly, you can hardly find flaws. It is written by Robert Venditti, who had help from a variety of other writers throughout the series, such as Matt Kindt, and Jody Houser. These writers do an outstanding job telling the story of Aric of Dacia, a Visigoth warrior from the past who has now taken the X-O Manowar armor. The current story is over now after 50 issues, but in 2017 the series will start back up again with a fresh new arc.

Assassins Creed(Titan Comics):

This series is a Diamond in the rough. It is extremely underrated and it’s by a company that gets far too little attention as it is. The art is great, the writing is great, and the company that produces the comic is, of course, great. The story is crazy as well, it’s about a girl who plays assassins creed, who gets chosen to go into that world herself, to go through her ancestors memories. The interactions at the start of the first issue are genius, as you will see when you start reading, it is so well thought through, and well drawn. Along with this series is the series ‘Templars’ and ‘Locus’, both of which are nearly as good as the original.

That’s my list! Any amazing books I missed? Will you read any of these? Let us know in the comments!