Mike Colter Talks Marvel/DC Rivalry

Mike Colter recently made his Marvel/Netlfix debut with Luke Cage – a series which has been loved by critics and fans across social media. Marvel and DC have both had home runs in their respective television universes and fans continue to debate which studio has the better movies and television shows, well Mike Colter has weighed in on the debate..

“Trying to put me on the spot here. I know there’s some closet DC fans around here. DC and Marvel are always about entertainment, right? And what’s great about DC and Marvel [is] it’s like any great rivalry. We’re trying to push the other one to excellence. DC is always thinking of a new way to challenge Marvel and Marvel is always thinking of a new way to challenge DC. So that’s going to drive both of them to be the best version of themselves the best way they can be. Kudos to to DC for putting out great products.”

It’s good to see Marvel actors rooting for DC movies. It’s not a case of ‘if DC does bad then Marvel will do well’, if Marvel does well, that means comic book movies are doing well and that means DC will do well. The last two DC movies, while not being a critical success have brought in money for Warner Brothers so are in no way ‘flops’. Both the trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League have been great but that doesn’t guarantee the movie will be good. A second Wonder Woman trailer is reportedly dropping next week so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

You see Mike Colter on Luke Cage on Netflix right now. Wonder Woman hits theatres on June 9th 2017 and you can see Justice League in theatres on November 17th 2017!

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Source: ScreenGeek