James Gunn Talks About Directing A Marvel Netflix Episode

Readers of Comic Drops will know two things. We love Marvel’s Netflix universe, and we love James Gunn. James Gunn, who of course directed 2014’s Guardians of The Galaxy and next years Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2, held a Facebook live stream and was asked by a fan if he would consider directing an episode of a Marvel/Netflix show. James Gunn replied with the following…

If it was in the right circumstances, maybe, but it would never be one that was preexisting. It would have to be the pilot of a new show.

Jame Gunn directed the pilot episode of Troma’s edge TV back in 2000. The only Marvel Netflix series that hasn’t started filming yet is The Defenders but it was just announced that the first two episodes would be directed by Jessica Jones director S. J. Clarkson so it looks like Gunn won’t be a part of The Defenders crew. Marvel hasn’t announced what new Netflix shows it will be releasing other than Season 3 of Daredevil and Season 2 of Jessica Jones. Marvel has thousands of characters they could make a Netflix series about.

Directing moves and Television shows are two very different things but we’re sure that James Gunn, being a great all round director and story teller, would do a terrific job!

What do you think of James Gunn’s comments? What Netflix pilot would you want to see James Gunn direct? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: James Gunn Facebook

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