First Look At Thor’s New Armour For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’!

Marvel has been very hush-hush on details for Thor: Ragnarok but earlier today some set photos of Tessa Thompson in her Valkyrie armour appeared online and now, thanks to Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram page, we have a look at the armour of the god of thunder himself, check out the image below!


The current rumour is that while fighting in an arena battle lead by Jeff Goldblum’s ‘The Grandmaster’, Thor will have a shaved head and no Mjolnir by his side. If you remember the comedic sketch involving Thor and Daryl that was released a couple of months ago, Thor was wearing a suit that seemed identical to his armour in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It seems as though that suit was put back on only for the sketch and this could be his main armour for the third movie. It’s also possible (and more likely) that this is just one layer of the suit and that there are other parts of the suit that go on top to more closely resemble the armour he has had before. All the armour that Thor has worn in previous movies has had more than two of the discs you can see at his neck.

I personally cannot wait to see what Thor and Hulk will do in that arena. The images of Thor and Hulk having to battle for their lives with no Mjolnir get me really pumped for this film. Can’t it be November 2017 already?

As we get closer to the film we’ll get a better idea of the full suit that Thor will be wearing in the movie. If the previous two Thor movies are any indication, we could get a first official trailer around March or April next year but it’s also possible that some sort of teaser could hit the web before then!

What do you think of this image? Do you think this is the final suit (minus the cape)? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram